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Frontiers in Psychology, prblished Frontiers in Psychology, Published Chun-Ting Hsu , Conrad , M. Emotion word recognition: Discrete information effects first, continuous later? Psychology, 4, Frontiers in Psychology, 4, Matejka , M. Reents Hsg. Stimmung und Methode.

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Does familiarity or conflict account for performance in the word-stem completion task? Evidence from behavioural and ERP data. Psychological Research. Syllables and bigrams: Orthograpic redundancy and syllabic units affect visual word recognition at different processing levels. The pseudohomophone effect: Evidence for an orthography-phonology-conflict.

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IF Stenneken, P. Task-dependend modulation of neglect dyslexia? Novel evidence from the viewing position effect. Brain Research, 16 , Contrasting effects of token and type syllable frequency in lexical decision. Behavior Research Methods , 40 4 , IF Radach, R. Explorations in the language of perception and the perception of language.

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Psychological Research , 72 6 , Sublexical units in aphasic jargon and in the standard language. Comparative analyses of neologisms in connected speech. Aphasiology, 1, On the specificities of the inverted-optimal viewing position effect and their implications on models of eye movement control during reading. Brain Research, , IF 2. The novel motor-cognitive approach "quasi-movements" in the context of brain-computer interfacing. International Journal of Psychophysiology , 69 3 , Neuropsychologia, 46 2 , A validation of eye movements as a measure of elementary school children's developing number sense.

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